January 7, 2019
January 7, 2019

AquaBike H2oFit Pro

L ' hydrobike H2OFit Bike Pro is designed to CAD, made of special steel resistant to oxidation and treated with electro-polished , to protect it from the vast majority of aggressive agents present in the water of the pool, worked with laser technology and robot welding to ensure standards quality high and reduce imperfections due to manual processing.

Features: h5>

Stainless steel p>

width 65 cm, length 115 cm p>

Materials stainless steel, foam, pvc p>

Weight around 28 Kg p>

Packaging 111x94x26 p>

The frame of ' hydrobike H2OFit Bike Pro achieved at V makes it possible to determine the correct posture quickly, adopting the exact center of gravity of pedaling on subjects of any height and morphology (this minimizes the timing adjustment of the bike and injuries resulting from a incorrect posture). The resistance system of Patented hydrobike H2OFit Bike Pro , also thanks to the central movement on ball bearings in steel, makes it the only bike on the market with total absence of voids in the pedaling both clockwise and counterclockwise favoring an outstanding job of joints ankle and knee. The limited weight dell ' Hydrobike H2OFit Bike Pro , the minimum presence of live edges and all movements (walking, handlebars, saddle) integrated into the frame make the compactness, the originality and safety. E 'adaptable to water heights from 110 cm to 190 cm. Work on hydrobike is also enhanced by the exclusive training course.
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