January 7, 2019
January 7, 2019


The H2Ofit AQUAFITBOXE is an aerobic activity that simulates the typical movements of martial arts involving all muscle groups, it is a strong workout calorie expenditure (about 600 calories / h), which involves full legs, buttocks, arms, chest, abdomen, back, and the cardiovascular system.


Weight: about 26 kgb>Peso: circa 26 kg

Material: stainless steel

Packaging (3 boxes):
cm 47 x cm47 x cm 7,5 (L, D, H)
cm 32 x cm32 x cm 95 (L, D, H)
cm 6 x cm 6 x cm 130 (L, D, H)

The product

The new tool H2Ofit AQUAFITBOXE upper part is a cylinder made of materials resistant non-toxic plastic and fitted with the patented "anti-shock system" that allows the gradual absorption of energy. The central stem and the base are rounded absolutely free of sources of injury, because constructed with advanced techniques such as "laser cut" and robotic welding ", special steels undergo used, also, an electrolytic treatment anti corrosion that renders them inert to corrosive agents present in swimming pool water.


H2Ofit AQUAFITBOXE being practiced in the aquatic environment, develops coordination, balance, speed of execution, strength, power, resistance, but in a fun, exciting and liberating, help download the tensions in daily life but in plain security through the integrated of exclusive "Anti-Shock System" that allows the absorption of energy in a gradual manner to avoid the annoying microtrauma typical sports to repeated impacts.


And it is , however, important to ensure that this discipline is taught by an instructor who is thoroughly familiar with the aerobic boxing or who has followed our training course for instructors recognized by CONI that enables his teaching. H2Ofit AQUAFITBOXE is the possibility of introducing a novelty in the pool but with low investment being compact, lightweight, easy to soak and store has the ability to be adjusted to different depths of water to a minimum of 110 to a maximum of 150 cm

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