January 6, 2019
January 6, 2019


H2OFit RUN PRO is a modern aquatic treadmill CAD designed for an aerobic, rehabilitation or simply playful using. All realized in with special steels which can resists to the oxidation and treated with electrochemical polishing, to protect it against the aggressive agents presents into the swimming pool water, built with laser technology and robot welding to guarantee high quality standard and to reduce the due imperfection resulted to the manual workmanships. Two(optional) tiny flywheel are indispensable to use it into the gym they have to be applied quickly and in a very easy way to the framework; one time applied it become a earthly treadmill unpowered and can be used individually or in a group's lesson.

Features: h5>

Material: b> 100% marine grade stainless steel AISI 316L p>

Finishes: b> Brushed steel with anti-corrosion treatment p>

Mechanism: b> Ribbon folding treadmill p>

Carpet: b> Running surface l. 38x L. 118 cm, inclination 13% p>

Wheels: b> Sliding with ball bearings on white anti-scratch wheels for ease of movement p>

Stability: b> White shoes for stability and scratch protection p>

Covering: b> Suitable for any coating (PVC, tiles, fiberglass, etc ...) p>

Weight: b> about 32 Kg delivered pre-assembled p>

Dimensions: b> Open: L.67 x I. 135 x A. 128 cm
Closed: 20 L. 56 x I 62 x A. 128 cm p>

Depth: b> From 0.90 m to 1.50 m p>


Running, we know, hasn't got any contraindications but, sometime, the body weight can be an obstacle to the natural practice of running, the same happened in rehabilitation where the articulations cannot be solicited too much. Making the same exercise dipped into the water makes it less traumatic and even it improves the articular solicitations improving the bodily and muscular perception and increasing the limphatic drain. H2OFit RUN PRO, usable individually or in group, can be combined to the H2OFit "PRO" and "BASIC" hydrobike or to other activities of water fitness in circuits, to grow thin and for the total comfort. In this way its use becomes amusing and intense allowing to have all the benefits that the aquatic environment offers. The job on H2OFit RUN PRO is moreover valorized by the exclusive formation course
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